A podcast on sci-fi, jpop, anime, books, video games, and creative writing.

Probably a lot more and a lot less as well.

Passionate discussions about largely unimportant? things.

These are some of the topics we are interested in talking about. We argue about, laugh about , and dissect topics that might not warrant much thought.

Japanese Things

We are those guys. So it goes without saying we are into jpop, anime, Japanese Literature, movies, and most things Japanese. Maybe not politics. Weaboo stuff.


Dune, Warhammer, and general Science Fiction.


Software, Hardware, emulators, and general tech topics do come up.


We both love to read. We both studied literature a great deal both for fun and academically.

Video Games

PC games, Neo-Geo, NES, SNES, Xbox, Playstation, Metal Gear, JRPG’s, Emulators, new stuff, old stuff, basically anything video game related.


Movies in general we like to talk about. From Mobile Suite Gudam: Hathaway to a Fistful of Dollars to old Dune to Princess Mononoke to Old Boy we talk about movies

An array of ideas

Basically if you would like to follow along as we try and follow along with pop culture in the endlessly vast ocean of modern and older content.

Maybe some odd topics

  • DIY X-Files episodes
  • Old X86 Sound Card Drivers
  • Why is this game so fun?

Shoes at the Door Newsletter

  • A world of thought-provoking articles.
  • Case studies that celebrate the bizarre.
  • Exclusive access to weird insights.

“When we say thank you for things we are not convinced we deserve – something happens.”

Scott Cook

World Traveler – B’ham Native

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